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You see my story begins back in 1991 in a little city known as Philadelphia, PA. That’s right, the home of The Fresh Prince himself. Growing up, I was always a curious child. Known as the boy who constantly question everything and would imitate anything, my desire to learn and attain new information was always high.

My dream from the time I can remember was to be either Michael Jackson or a superhero! I’m serious ask my mom, I would dance all around the house just screaming in front of a fan with my shirt open just like Mike (I still dance in my spare time).

The Hero

Chris Coleman is a digital storyteller, tech entrepreneur, author, speaker and the founder of Hero Nation. Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, Chris got his start in the tech world while attending Howard University, where he was a technology editor for an online magazine.

At the age of 20, after teaching himself the basics of coding while enrolled at Howard University, Chris alongside his father, mother and brother started a mobile marketing company called Strategic Media. As the CMO, Chris helped the company land 30 paying clients within 60 days. Later that year, Chris helped to co-found a startup called SavySwap, a company created to help people swap and barter items using social profiles. Think AirBNB for swapping and bartering.

Chris decided to document his journey of starting SavySwap via social media platforms, videos and blogging in order to share his experiences with others looking to become an entrepreneur. It was through this documentation that Chris and his co-founder were able to attract the attention of an angel investor from Istanbul, Turkey. After seeing one of Chris's videos on YouTube, he invested five figures into SavySwap. The company later moved to San Francisco and raised additional funding from investors.

The Journey

After three hard years of working on SavySwap, Chris and his co-founder shut the company down. Chris began filming comedic sketches on Instagram and Vine and soon landed a job at BuzzFeed Motion Pictures producing video content. It was here that he learned the art of digital storytelling.

Using his newfound skills, Chris created Black Fox Labs, a company which helps brands and businesses tell their story on social media. The company has worked with brands such as the NBA, Trailer Park Inc (social media team behind Breaking Bad and Mad Men), Blavity and smaller startups all around the world.

What Now

Chris also is the founder of Hero Nation, a digital media company that creates content to help people power up and tap into their inner greatness in order to #slaytheday and live their dreams and goals. Through his Hero Nation publishing imprint, Chris has released the Beta Crew book series, a story for children ages 7-11 which follows four friends from Philadelphia who after being transported to another world must learn to use teamwork and their newfound powers to save the day. Hero Nation also develops mobile apps and games allowing readers the chance to continue their adventure in the digital world. You can download their popular mobile game, "Superhero Bots - Bouncing Ball,” which lets users play as the Superhero Bots characters from the Beta Crew book series.

Mashable named Chris one of the top 50 marketing influencers on Snapchat. He has also been featured in media outlets such as Black Entertainment Television (BET), Ebony Magazine, and dozens more. He has also been invited to speak at prestigious institutions such as Harvard University and Rutgers University as well at schools, conferences, and forums around the country.