The Beta Crew: Saving Kodon

adventure, 2016

Jason King is a ten-year-old boy, shy in nature, but, when around his friends known as the Beta Crew, he feels like he can do anything. After receiving a mysterious new manga for his birthday, Jason and his three friends Courtney Garcia, Klaus Smith and Nike Chung are suddenly teleported into a world where superheroes are real! They must learn to use their newfound abilities and the power of teamwork in order to save the city of Kodon.


" High up in his apartment building, Jason King stared out through his window as far as his eyes could see. He was a Philadelphia native and had lived here since he was born. The day before was Jason’s 10th birthday. He should have been happy for all the great birthday gifts that he received, but instead, he sat alone in his room, occasionally looking down at his new sneakers.

As Jason turned away from the window, he noticed something sparkle in the corner of his room. As he inched closer, he realized that this thing was something he had never seen before. It was completely covered in red and blue wrapping paper and had superheroes all over it. Based off the wrapping, Jason guessed that whatever was inside was pretty special. He peeled off the paper and marveled at the item in his hands.

A manga!

It wasn’t just any manga; it was his favorite one and the latest edition imported straight from Japan. Jason’s eyes danced over the colorful cover. On the front was a drawing of Mai Kishi with her brother, Tenzan Kishi."

"As an avid children's book reader, it was my pleasure to read Chris Coleman's children's book "Beta Crew: Saving Kodon." I found that the Beta Crew quickly and gracefully dived into the very conflicts that kids face each day. Following the standard good versus evil plot line that all Super Heroes seem to require, the Beta Crew speaks to the necessity of teamwork, the good of technology, and multiculturalism."

Lena M