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August 1, 2013
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August 6, 2013
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The keys to brand success are self-definition, transparency, authenticity and accountability. -Simon Mainwaring

Why have I decided to make my life an open book? Well, for many reasons but the most important reasons being:

  • to show everyone that you can become whatever it is you want to be and more
  • to have documentation that my success is not some sort of luck, I worked hard to attain any and all success that I have achieved so far and will continue to achieve
  • to be held accountable (by literally the whole world)

Being transparent and highlighting my success, failures and everything in between is not always easy and I could decide to stop, but when I began my journey and I was looking for people out there who had embarked on a similar journey, I didn’t have much success finding documentation from beginning to end. We always read the stories of when people make it but we never see their journey to get there, the struggles, the setbacks, the small success and eventually the large successes. By the time the media gets a hold of it, they are labeled an overnight success.

I told myself that I wanted to document my journey via my blog and YouTube channel so that people looking to start something of their own can come here, read my thoughts and what I’ve done, in the process of doing and will do and hopefully it can help them sidestep some potentially hurdles in their own journey.

It is all a part of my love for giving back and helping others just as people have helped me. If you’re able to do something for someone else in the future do it, no matter how small they are…pass on favors to someone else, that’s how giving back works.  

So if anything I write about moves you in anyway feel free to comment below, reach out to me on Twitter or send me an email and pass it along to someone else.

Let me know of a journey that you’re currently on, thinking about pursing or have already completed. Let’s inspire each other!

Chris Coleman
Chris Coleman

Chris ‘The Startup Superhero’ Coleman is a young serial entrepreneur, speaker, motivator and author who believes that helping people to develop and form a positive self-image and outlook on life will help propel them to achieving their dreams and goals. As a young entrepreneur who is leading by example and looking to change the world, he seeks to help motivate others to go after their dreams and create the lifestyle they desire. He has been written about in multiple global publications and featured on various YouTube interviews and podcast and blog post. He has even written an Amazon Best Selling eBook. Learn More

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